Diseases which may be prevented or cured by means of therapeutic fasting and caloric restriction  
(experimental and clinical evidence: click to see scientific report)

» arthritis rheumatoid
» asthma
» cardiovascular diseases
» cholecystitis and gout
» chronic fatigue syndrome
» diabetes
» digestive system diseases
» epilepsy
» glomerulonephritis
» hypertension
» infections
» infertility
» Low immunity
» neurodegenerative disorders
» obesity
» ovarian tumors
» pancreatitis
» psoriasis
» psychiatric disorders
» respiratory system diseases
» skin disorders
» spinal column diseases
» thrombophlebitis
» tumours, cancer
» uterine fibroids
» Complications in fasting
» Safety of fating
» sarcoidosis
Anti-Aging Therapy
Fasting / low-calorie program on Adriatic Sea Coast

Fasting and cleansing program at the beautiful Hungarian thermal spas.

The Anti-Aging Fasting Program (AAFP) is an innovative approach to wellness designed through fasting and/or calorie restriction to cleanse the body of harmful substances, retard the aging process in order to promote life-extension, and make you feel fitter and healthier. The program is administered in Budapest, Hungary and runs usually from one to four weeks (including three to ten fasting days). Both the fasting and post-fasting phases are closely supervised by a physician and fasting specialist who will tailor the program to your individual needs and requirements. At the end of your stay, you are given a diet and fasting plan and encouraged to continue with the program.

Will I suffer hunger pangs?
It is natural to feel some hunger at the beginning of the f

ast, but this normally ceases by the second day. However to overcome this temporary inconvenience our doctor may prescribe a special hunger - suppressing agents at the beginning of the program.

Health News
A 30% reduction in energy intake a decrease in adiposity of 70%
Effects of long-term CR (but not short-term CR) on gene expression in white adipose tissue (WAT) are overt. In mice and monkeys, a chronic 30% reduction in energy intake yields a decrease in adiposity of approximately 70%. In mouse epididymal WAT, long-term CR causes overt shifts in the gene expression profile: CR increases the expression of genes involved in energy metabolism (Higami et al. 2004), and it down-regulates the expression of more than 50 pro-inflammatory genes (Higami et al. 2006).

Intermittent calorie restriction delays prostate tumor detection and i
Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men. Whereas chronic calorie restriction (CCR) delays prostate tumorigenesis in some rodent models, the impact of intermittent caloric restriction (ICR) has not been determined.

Energy restriction for breast cancer prevention
Weight gain in adult life is an important risk factor for breast cancer. Observational studies indicate that pre- or postmeno-pausal weight loss is associated with a reduction in risk of postmenopausal breast cancer.

Vitamin Supplement with Folic Acid good for women

Improve your health by taking a vitamin supplement with folic acid, the synthetic form of B vitamin which is essential for cell growth and reproduction. According to public health experts, taking vitamin supplement with folic acid will help to reduce the problems with brain and spinal cord. It also helps to reduce the birth defects by up to 70 percent.


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